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"Alive In Little Five"

Bootleg Live Album

Alive in Little Five! captures Stand & Deliver - in its previous incarnation as Mystery Train - at the peak of their powers during the days immediately following the release of the band's first studio album, The Blue Line.

This is a true bootleg. The show was recorded on videotape by Tim Collins, bass player for the Atlanta band Ill Mic. It has been digitally remastered but the sound really captures the ambiance of the band and their fans in the year 2000.

Recorded at 9 Lives Saloon in Little Five Points, the set features favorites from The Blue Line plus live staples Velvet Elvis, Love Me, and Preachin' Blues that have never been heard before except in concert.

Singer DK Brainard hits his improvisational peak on the live favorite Velvet Elvis, weaving a made-up-on-the-spot narrative about Elvis' parents, Graceland, and Martin Luther King. Brainard's increasingly erratic and confrontational behavior forces the band into full-on improvisational mode on Preachin' Blues. Guitarist Jeff Lupo rises to the challenge as drummer Ivan Prosper and bassist Matt 'Shovelhead' Brady maintain a rock-steady groove.

Alive in Little Five! includes classic live versions of Sherri Says (complete with improvised extra verses), a bass-alicious version of No Way, and sizzling Lupo guitar solos on When All Else Fails, and Flint MI. A real raw rock n roll show, made before auto tune. A true representation of what it was like to experience an early Stand & Deliver concert.


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