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Stand & Deliver
Brainard, Lupo, Brady, Prosper


I went to our winter garden, (Searching for lost time)
Seeds of memory growin’, (Wild and high)
I sat down in the place, (Where we fell from grace)
And the face of a young girl passing reminded me of you.
But the church bells weren’t ringing, birds weren’t singing
The dead leaves clinging in the trees, a mournful requiem
And the sun was frozen in the sky, the silent lovers passing by
And the eye of the old man saying nothing good can stay
So we drowned ourselves in alcohol, Our bodies followed protocol
And the ghosts that we left out in the hall, the dogs who would have their day
All the promises you’d broken, the others left unspoken
Tokens of our union, dues that we could not pay
All the things that you wanted, The weakness you flaunted
All the strategies of your elegant decay
Nothing good, she says
Nothing good can stay


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