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Stand & Deliver
Brainard, Lupo, Brady, Prosper, Tasco


Crank up the Cat put on your hard hat
I cut through the earth with my six-blade knife
Cut through the fat
We tear down your street make room for the rich
Old couple lived in that house for 55 years
Ain’t it a bitch, bitch, bitch, oh yeah
Skyscraper, I’m a skyscraper
The corporation don’t care
Who they grind in the ground
From fifty floors up man
You can’t hear a sound in the city
I make my life in the dirt
But my love is so clean
I watch your short skirt sway from atop of my
Giant earth-moving machine
I snatch you off of the street
I take you up in the sky
You’ll know the depth of my love
When I step from the girder and fly
Skyscraper, I’m a skyscraper
You know my grandfather built this land
With the other immigrants working hand in hand
You want to sit there in your tower
I’ll bring you down in a cement flower
Cause I’m a skyscraper


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