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Stand & Deliver
Brainard, Lupo, Brady, Prosper


In a northern town she grew up fast
But she came down to the city with wide eyes
She doesn’t miss her home
She never feels alone
Sophie says she never says goodbye
Inside the kids are drinking dancing
Sophie walk these streets she making poetry
She find a sentence on the sidewalk
A raindrop on a falling leaf
And she don’t believe in love
Said love would only bring her down
All your blood cries out to hold her
But her feet have never touched the ground
Sophie take a coffee at the corner
She take a lover now and then
She look for God down in the gutter
She said i found Him once then i lost Him once again
Sin the slanting sun a broken wing down in the park
Sophie look for heaven in a rainy street
After the sun goes down she walk around this town
They stare out of their windows Sophie says I am invisible
I am invisible to Him


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