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Flint MI

Stand & Deliver
Brainard, Lupo, Brady, Prosper


"We used to record all the band practices through Lupo’s old PA onto cassette tapes (remember those?) and I made Lupo give me the cassette. A few days later I drove over to Charleston, SC for the weekend. Brady’s dad had a house there and it was only a four or five hour drive from Atlanta, so sometimes I’d escape to the beach for the weekend if I had the money for gas and beer..."

Read the rest of the story behind "Flint MI" in the blog.


Over your house, Saturday night
You were fighting with your parents
About what time to come home
And I was layin’ low again.
You know I tried to show my intentions were good
And if I thought they were
Didn’t think that you would, anyway
Well it’s hard say
When you’re young and you’re so in love…
And your mama’s cookin’ dinner now
And your daddy’s in the living room
Reading ‘Guns & Ammo’
And he, doesn’t give a shit what you did at school
Just as long as you got A’s, on your tests
Cause if it’s C’s, you can stay inside
You don’t play, with the kids down the block
Cause the Satan-worship long-hair motherfuckers
Yeah yeah!
Why don’t you go upstairs and do your homework
You’re gonna end up a nothin’ like your uncle D
That long-haired freak better not be coming over
I don’t care if he is your brother!
I was a kid, Saturday night
Now I’m down at the alley, bowling strikes
On a Wednesday, and the beer flows like water
Let me tell ya
My old woman she could turn some heads
Now sometimes I wish that I was dead
And she was sittin’ home watching TV
And the rugrats are out prowling the streets
I said Ohh!
Sometimes work just gets so old
Wish I could crawl in a hole with a…
Forty of Bud you know that would never run dry!
And my friends tell the same old jokes
And I’ve been smelling the same old smokes
That blow in my face
I ain’t blowin’ nothin’ up noone’s ass,
Just getting by
Yeah yeah!
Ain’t in funny how time goes by, when you’re livin’ Nah, nah
Yeah maybe when the kids grow up and move away
Aw that’ll be the day, baby
Gonna do some travelin’
Buy a Winnebago or something
Lookin’ out the window
At Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii
You know you got the TV blaring in the back of the RV, but it’s alright
Oh yeah
And you’ll be old and fat
Yeah I still remember that
Way back when, in that sweet, sweet summer
Nah, nah
It’s just a livin’ nah nah
It’s just a livin’ hey hey
Ain’t nothin’ you or me can, do to stop it
No, No, No, No, No
Just keep on givin’
Just keep on slippin’
On and on and on and on, And ON! 


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