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Almost Famous

Stand & Deliver
Brainard, Lupo, Brady, Prosper


I was seeing a nurse she appealed to my libido
You were living with a weatherman from the affiliate in Toledo
He said although it was a small, small station
He got his kicks from meteorological devastation
You said it made you feel almost famous
We cut the Midwest for Las Vegas in Elvis’ Cadillac tracks
By the time we hit Pittsburgh
We were too far-gone to even think of turning back
Gasoline, gift shops and cheap sunglasses
You said the highway was the opiate of the masses
I said it made you sound almost famous
Maybe we were drifting maybe we were running away
Maybe we were bebopalula now baby famous for one day
Almost famous
We agreed upon a marriage of convenience gamble on domestic bliss
Midnight in the Smokies in a 7-Eleven I got a Slurpee kiss
Cigarettes and french fries and styrofoam cups
You said we’re so far down we must be going up
Yeah, you said we must be almost famous
The campaign broke down near Atlanta
The way these things been known to do
Living large ain’t easy for a smalltime chick
You bought a one-way ticket back to what you’re used to
Sit there in Ohio watch your man on TV
While a lonesome nurse in Detroit change another IV
Me hell I’m almost famous
Maybe we were slipping maybe we just lost our way
Maybe we were cheating time famous for one day
Almost famous


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